William's Apps

Fanny Pack for iPhone

Technologies used:
  • Swift
  • Facebook login integration
  • Firebase
    • Realtime Database
    • Storage
    • Cloud Functions

Photo Collection for iPhone and iPad

Technologies used:
  • Cocoapods, SwiftyJSON and AFNetworking and Nuke
  • Version control with Git and BitBucket
  • OAuth2 and Client Credentials
  • Collection View, Scroll View
  • Core Data

Castle Keep for iOS built with Swift

Technologies used:
  • UIKit - TabBar, Navigation, TableView, ImageView
  • NSNotification and observers and UILocalNotification
  • NSTimer and factory pattern implementation
  • In-app purchasing for consumable items
  • NSDate and scheduled notifications
  • FMDB and sqlite integration
  • NSUserDefaults
  • UIAlertController

Penguin Rush for Android built with Java

Technologies used:
  • LibGDX framework
  • AdMob integration
  • Multi-threaded for game logic and rendering
  • Collision physics
  • Optimized for low-end devices